On 12/16/2022, 4 wonderful puppies were born. 1 female and 3 males

Mom: Neneku Bijin Shinrin Yoku Sou

Dad: Fujiyori go Ihoku Hakurensou


cucciolata neneku


On 11/28/2019 Akira gave birth to 5 magnificent puppies. 4 females and 1 male. Mom and puppies are fine. Seiryu is looking forward to playing with her puppies

Mom Akira

Mom Akira

Dad Seiryu

Dad Seiryu

On November 10th, the first litter of our breeding was born. Mother is our sweet Hana; the dad is Shusei of the Kasatori’s breeding of our friends Nico and Erick. Five puppies were born

Female (Orange) – hour 7.40 – weight 360g

Maschio (Grey) – hour 7.59 – weight 320g

Maschio (Brown) – hour 8.13 – weight 420g

Maschio (Light blue) – hour 10.09 – weight 320g

Female (Purple) – hour 10.15 – weight 340g

Both puppies and mom are fine.